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Everyone is puzzled by why President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived at Harambee House with a car whose number plates are inverted.

The number plates appeared upside down, instead of it appearing like this, KCW 980H it appeared as H086 MƆʞ.

Uhuru was addressing the nation on the coronavirus pandemic.

The question on everyone’s mind is, was the inverted number plates a mistake? or was it intentional?

Kenyans have weighed in on the issue.

One Kenyan said in a Whatsapp group,

“The first two military signs that a pandemic is going to be announced by the Commander-in-Chief is that he rides in a car with the license plates upside down and without a flag. The same way there’s meaning to flag half-mast.”

Another one added,

“The number of plates are inverted for security reasons the car in front of him the security guards will be able to monitor him clearly if you look at the side mirror you will read the numbers clearly. Secondly is very hard for people on incoming vehicles to read the number of plates.”

Other political pundits claim that since the rear number plate was, however, properly fixed, this could mean that its a standard procedure when the presidential vehicle has no National Flag.


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