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An impeachment motion against Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru will be formally be tabled at the county.

But even before that is done, the county boss has taken on MCAs plotting her ouster.

Governor Waiguru on Tuesday evening accused the MCAs of dwelling on petty issues instead on focusing on the war against the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is unfortunate that at a time when the country, and indeed the whole world, is focused on dealing with [the] coronavirus health pandemic, some MCAs have opted to dwell on pettiness and political brinkmanship of filling a frivolous motion to impeach me without any foundation,” she said in a statement.

She observed that the issues raised about her are so basic that they are an embarrassment to the Constitution they (MCAs) seek to protect.

Ms Waiguru dismissed as propaganda claims that she had been benefitted from government tenders.

“This is just propaganda for publicity,” she added in her statement.

The ward reps have accused the executive of buying a vehicle without tendering.

But Ms Waiguru explained that the vehicle was bought under the government contracting framework that was negotiated by the Ministry of Public Works, adding that this does not amount to misuse of funds.

“The MCAs should read [and understand] what that means before alleging misappropriation (of funds),” she added.

Further, Ms Waiguru dismissed as falsehoods claims that the health sector in Kirinyaga is in a crisis.

She said the motion to impeach her is as a result of her refusal to bow down to pressure to award tenders to some MCAs.

“Every Kenyan knows what all these impeachments are about. I will not concede to illegal requests for tenders and money,” she said.


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