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Carefree teens and young adults are emerging as one of the weakest links in slowing down the spread of coronavirus in Kenya, as they continue to act irresponsibly.

They are still throwing parties and organising social events. Currently, about 30 per cent of all infections comprise those below the age of 29, while 92 per cent are below 59, bringing a new headache to parents worried about their children.

But despite scientists and government officials warning everyone to keep social distance by staying at home, defiant young Kenyans — unbothered and unafraid of the pandemic — are moving social events to their houses, inside cars, parks and other open spaces outside malls and scenic locations.

The pushback by youth is now turning into a global crisis: “The frontal lobe of the brain is still developing, which means that skills like impulse control, delayed gratification and realising the consequences of actions are not fully in place,” a Harvard Health researcher recently wrote.

An investigation found that others have made arrangements with their favourite bars and clubs, where they are locked in so as to socialise over a couple of drinks in what is now being termed as ‘coronavirus parties’.

Phycologists say that teens are not made for isolation and that they are finding it hard to cope with the social distance rule.


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