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No attacks have taken place in Mandera town following clashes in neighbouring Somalia on Monday, the National Police Service has said.

Corporate Communication Director Charles Owino issued a statement following reports of explosions and heavy gunfire as Jubbaland forces and troops of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) clashed.

FGS troops have been camping at Bula Hawa, a town neighbouring Mandera, for the past month, planning a raid to capture a fugitive Jubbaland minister, who has been hiding in the county.

Mr Abdirashid Hassan Abdinur, alias Abdirashid Janan, escaped on January 28 from a Mogadishu prison, where he had been held since August 31, 2019.

He arrived in Mandera town on January 30 and was booked into a local hotel.

The police service assured safety, saying security teams were on high alert and would work to prevent militants in Gedo, where Bula Hawa is located, from crossing into Kenya.

“We have also deployed security officers appropriately to ensure peace and tranquility prevails,” Mr Owino said.

He warned the public against sharing unverified information, noting this causes panic.

He also asked the public to report suspicious activities to police using toll-free lines 112, 911 and 999.


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