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Sounding helpless at the top, Deputy President William Ruto yesterday turned onto the government he presides, accusing its leadership of elaborate scheme to finish him off.

In an unprecedented gush of the pent-up anger with events of the past few weeks, Ruto claimed the murder of Sergent Kipyegon Kenei, a security officer in his office, was a double ploy to set him up against his community while also scandalizing his office.

Speaking at the funeral, Ruto said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was part of the elaborate scheme to demean his office. He also accused unnamed government officials of boasting that he will not be around for long.

The statements by the country’s ‘number two’ attracted pin-drop silence from mourners and got the whole country talking.

“The plotters of these schemes, I want to let you know that unless you kill me, I am not turning back. Kenya is for everyone. Kenya is not for a few people. Threats, plots… all these things… I even know what they have planned but I am ready for it,” he said.

According to the DP, Sergent Kenei was felled to frighten him. He said the only way to stop him would be death but also vowed Kenei’s killers will be brought to book.

He said Kenei’s murder is the latest in a well-orchestrated scheme to fight him. Brandishing his finger, and biting his lips, he vowed to surmount everything arrayed against him.

“They may have the system, and since the system cannot elect anybody, they can only kill but I want to tell them we have God. Those in this scheme are boasting that I will not be there soon and they are still walking around,” he wrote on his Twitter handle as soon as he left the burial.


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