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“I saw him against Atletico Madrid at Anfield. From right-back, for 45 minutes in the first half, if any kid wants to see a player playing the modern game at right-back, get that 45-minute clip.

“The way he controlled that game from right-back… the last person I saw do that was maybe Cafu.

“He played every pass in the book – outside of the boot, crossfield fade, sprayed it far and wide, whipped it behind the Atletico defence who were scampering all over the gaff.

“He played it in around the corners, he did everything.

“Trent is an absolute mad footballer. I don’t care what anyone else says, he plays for Liverpool, I don’t care. The kid can play.”

“As good a passer about, he’s up there, you talk about the (Kevin) De Bruynes of this world, I’m not going too far or overcooking it to say that Trent is in around them boys when talking about top passers – and he’s at right back by the way. Unheard of.

“You weren’t seeing Gary Neville pass the ball like that, as good as Neville was he couldn’t pass the ball like Trent.”


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