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ODM leader Raila Odinga has crafted a new strategy that will see him roll out town hall meetings across the country as he seeks to solidify his support base and push grassroots campaign for the BBI. 

The new game plan, sources say, partly aims to checkmate Deputy President William Ruto, who has been making thrusts into Mr Odinga’s perceived strongholds, and counter the DP’s anti-BBI crusade.

In the new approach dubbed ‘Kikao’, Mr Odinga will tour counties that have traditionally supported him to listen to his supporters as local leaders give reports on their progress in development and service delivery.

This latest move is part of a wider scheme with President Kenyatta, his March 9, 2018 ‘handshake’ partner, who is also planning to neutralise the DP’s anti-BBI charges in regions the Head of State enjoys wide support.