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PesaLink is an interbank money transfer solution that enables one to receive funds from other banks directly into their Bank Account in real-time. Let’s take a look at how few banks in Kenya charge their customers.

  1. PesaLink charges to Equity
  1. PesaLink charges to KCB
  1. PesaLink charges to NIC Bank
  1. PesaLink charges to Stanchart Bank
  1. PesaLink charges to Co-op Bank

Other Banks with PesaLink services include;

  • Jamii Bora Bank
  • Barclays Bank 
  • Bank of Africa 
  • Middle East
  • Victoria Bank 
  • Guardian Bank 
  • Gulf African Bank 
  • Consolidated Bank 
  • First Community Bank 
  • Habib Bank AG Zurich 
  • Spire Bank 
  • Family Bank 
  • KWFT Bank 
  • Sidian Bank

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