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Comedian Njugush born Timothy Kimani and Abel Mutua will be gracing our screens after a long break. The two funny characters are back to what they do best in a comedy show named Anda Kava. 

The show which airs on Maisha Magic Plus TV, channel 163 on DSTV, is a new and entertaining show about the police. According to Maisha Magic, the story revolves around two ridiculously incompetent ex-police officers who decide to start a private investigation agency after being fired from the police service, hence the name Anda Kava (undercover). 

Abel and Njugush have been away from TV for quite a while with Abel a renowned Nairobi video director and Njugush doing comedy shows online and on stage. 

The two have definitely come a long way and Njugush recently paid accolades to his wife regarding how far he has come as a comedian. Speaking to NTV, Njugush disclosed he did not always have a fat bank account but his lady, Celestine Ndinda, always made sure he had something to eat and his bills were paid. 

The father of one admitted he was broke while on campus and but lucky enough his girlfriend, now wife, Celestine Ndinda who was working at the time always sorted out his bills and bought him food. After making it big, it was time to pay back for what she had done for him and to date, he continues to show his gratitude in romantic ways. 


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