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Kenyan comedians Jalang’o and YY have come out to defend fellow comedian Mulamwah who had been bullied out of the industry by mean fans. The two comedian both passed the same message to Mulamwah and encouraged him to keep fighting as nothing is easy. 

In an Instagram video posted by Jalas on his account, the revered comedian told Mulamwah he can not make everyone happy and that haters, rather trolls are part and parcel of the journey to celebriville. 

”My boy, wake up tomorrow go buy another costume and keep doing your work. You cannot make everyone happy. Even Jesus was crucified. I know sometimes it really hurts but truth is no one has ever made it without haters. Nowadays we even ask if everything is okay when we see no haters. Harden up son. Nobody said it will be easy. Do not go anywhere. Lets do this,” Jalang’o said. 

Jalang’o’s words were echoed by YY in his YouTube video through which he urged Mulamwah not to mind people and keep doing what he does best, comedy. 

YY harshly condemned Kenyan fans holding they are very entitled and that they demand too much and offer so little. According to YY, no comedian owes any fan anything therefore people should desist from attacking people they do not even know on a personal level on social media. YY said it is not fair for the people who are supposed to support you to troll and pull you down. 

”I am actually here because of what Mulamwa has posted. It is very sad when it gets to that point. Because the people who are supposed to support him are weighing him down, bringing him down, trolling him and the wife. I don’t understand why people hate on people they have not even met. There are disrespectful fans out here, people who are so entitled. Comedians do not owe fans anything,” He said. 


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