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The government has denied reports appearing in a section of the media that 17 members of Parliament had tested positive for Covid-19.

On Wednesday, the Health ministry through Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi said there were no reports from Lancet Laboratories, who carried out the tests, of anyone testing positive for the virus.

“It is important to ensure that labs follow protocols (in revealing test results). As it stands, we have no formal reports of (confirmed positive cases in private labs),” she said.

Lancet Group of Laboratories chief executive officer and chief consultant pathologist Ahmed Kalebi said testing was voluntary and results were given to each MP in confidence.

“The information circulating in the media about Covid-19 confirmed cases at Parliament is completely incorrect, misleading and should be disregarded,” he said.

And added: “In particular the information circulating both in terms of purported numbers and names of people who have allegedly tested positive for Covid-19 is entirely false.”

Lawmakers took to social media to make public their results amid a myriad of unanswered questions among members of the public.

For instance, where are those MPs who are positive? Did they self-quarantine, or they were interacting with people and further spreading the virus?


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