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Commercial sex workers in Mombasa have come out to urge the county government to include them in the group of essential service providers, noting that life has become unbearable due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They say their trade has been greatly affected by Covid-19 as most of their clients can no longer leave their homes in the evening, which is their peak work period unlike other businesses.

“Since the scourge started, we have incurred losses. The closure of bars, restaurants and clubs as a result of the curfew has rendered 90 per cent of sex workers jobless. These were the places where we could get our daily bread,” said High Voice Africa chairlady Maryline Laini.

She said that some of them have been forced to charge as low as Sh20 in order to make ends meet.

Before the pandemic, they charged between Sh50 and Sh10,000 depending on the clientele, location, age and other factors.

Ms Laini is now calling on the county and national governments to have commercial sex workers included among those who will benefit from relief supplies, even though sex work is illegal in Kenya.


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