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Fintech is a term used to describe financial technology. It may be an industry embracing any kind of technology in financial services that are from businesses to consumers. Fintech is now describing a variety of financial activities such as money raised for a business start-up, depositing a check via smartphone and money transfer with no assistance from anyone. 

Here is a list of top Fintech companies in Kenya.

  1. JamboPay
  2. Cellulant
  3. Direct Pay Online
  4. Chura
  5. Packline Systems
  6. Connect Africa Payments
  7. Eastpesa
  8. PesaPal
  9. Abacus
  10. Popote Payments
  11. Beyonic
  12. Lipisha
  13. Caytree Financial
  14. BitPesa
  15. M-Changa
  16. Branch
  17. Umati Capital
  18. Kopo Kopo
  19. LelapaFund
  20. Pezesha Africa Limited 

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