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The word SACCO means Savings and Credit Co-Operative Organizations, and it intends to bring likeminded individuals with the same financial and social background. Many Kenyans join SACCOs because of the benefits they provide which include;

  • Investment opportunities.
  • Low-interest rates on loans.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Low-interest rates on loans.
  • Exciting partner discounts.
  • High returns on deposits.

Below is a list of best SACCOs to join in Kenya 

  1. Stima Sacco 
  2. Waumini Sacco 
  3. Kenya Police Sacco
  4. Mwalimu National Sacco
  5. United Nations Sacco
  6. Kenya Medical Association Sacco
  7. Harambee Sacco Society
  8. Unaitas Sacco
  9. Kenya Bankers Sacco
  10. Safaricom Sacco 

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