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For Mount Kenya University (MKU) students, learning did not stop after the suspension of face-to-face teaching nationwide by the government as a measure against Covid-19.

Elaborate technology has kept them in ‘class’.

That’s because immediately after the government directed that learning institutions be closed, MKU responded by enabling all the regular students to access e-learning resources.

The principal of MKU Open and Distance Learning (ODEL) Directorate, Prof Pamela Ochieng, says online education cannot be overlooked these days.

“The future of education lies in embracing online learning to complement traditional classroom learning.”

The university, she asserts, is prepared to enhance the e-learning mode of delivery to not only overcome the current challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also for future delivery of learning through technology.

Prof Ochieng says the university is supporting students so as to complete the delivery of the course material for the current semester.

“We also have e-content and e-library accessible to students off campus to support effective learning,” explains the ODEL principal. “Coursework, including Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and assignments, are administered using the ODEL platform.”

Both faculty and students have access to the university e-learning library, digital resources and journals to enhance research and study. Faculty provides support through flexible teaching, learning and online support services.


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