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Amid the coronavirus gloom, leaders, corporates, clubs and ordinary Kenyans are going out of their way to make a difference.

A silent philanthropic spirit is sweeping across the country as changemakers seek to save and touch the lives of ordinary Kenyans, especially those from less privileged backgrounds.

They are making face masks, contributing money, donating hand sanitisers, water tanks, soap, food and other essential just help their fellow countrymen survive the hell brought by the pandemic.

In Kitui, a factory that was making uniforms, mats, napkins and gardening clothes has transformed into a 24-hour operation making surgical masks — an essential product for health workers on the frontline.

Kitui County Textile Centre (Kicotec) has gone flat out to make 30,000 masks a day to help plug a global shortage of the protective gear. Kenya needs 15 million masks for its citizens.

After a visit to Taiwan two months ago, Ms Ngilu quickly arranged to have Kicotec, which employs more than 400 workers, make some sample masks that were taken to the Kenya Bureau of Standards for approval, before being granted the tender to make them by the Ministry of Health.

“Let’s not wait and wonder. We import everything and produce nothing, despite having all the resources at our disposal,” Mrs said Ngilu said


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