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Somalia has threatened to take action against Kenya, claiming it has become a destabilising force in the country.

Somalia has accused Kenya before the UN Security Council of engaging in ‘anti-peace’ actions and breaching its sovereignty, independence and unity.

HuruMedia has not yet established the veracity of these serious allegations. However, it’s noteworthy that this is not the first time Mogadishu has complained about the conduct of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and even demanded that it leaves Somalia. Among the evils KDF has been accused of committing in the past are human rights violations and involvement in smuggling. Whether this is true remains unclear.

Overall, however, there is no iota of doubt that KDF and the other forces under Amisom have done a good job. Today, Al Shabaab, which once controlled every corner of Somalia, is a pale shadow of its former self. Although its sting isn’t completely gone, the number of attacks have gone down and business has been restored in many parts of the country. That’s no mean feat.

For that Somalia owes Kenya, and other countries whose gallant sons and daughters have shed blood and lost lives in the country, a debt of gratitude. But clearly, the country has no kind words for Kenya. What kind of transgressions can make Somalia this ungrateful?

Whatever they are, if Mogadishu no longer values Kenya’s contribution, it is time for the latter to consider withdrawing its troops. The need to leave Somalia is amplified by the fact that, our presence there—despite pacifying the country—has not brought us the peace dividends the Government initially promised us.


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