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As Kenya begins the second month since it reported its first case of coronavirus, the country could be facing its toughest month yet if its infection and mortality patterns mirror those of some of the worst affected countries.

By the end of the first month Sunday, the country had recorded a total of 197 confirmed cases, eight deaths and 25 recoveries.

While the numbers appear low, data from the World Health Organisation and the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Coronavirus Research Center reveals that the reported cases of some of the worst-hit countries in the first month were way fewer than Kenya’s.

What is more worrying is the fact that graphs for the worst countries spiked in the second month, the majority from day 45 of the first case.

The highest confirmed coronavirus infections so far have been reported in the US (530,005), Spain (152,271), Italy (152,271), France (130,730), Germany (125,452), China (83,134), UK (79,885), Iran (71,686) and Turkey (52,167)

While the first case in the US was reported on January 23, 51 days before the first case was reported in Kenya, only 53 coronavirus cases were confirmed and reported by Washington within the first month.


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