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Struggling Kenyan musician Vicmass Luo Dollar’s baby mama Lucy Manga alias Chimamih The Great has come out to ask the star to take up his fatherly responsibilities or forget he has a son. 

According to Lucy, the Bank Otuch hitmaker is a deadbeat dad who has completely stopped supporting his son, King about two years after she left his house over irreconcilable differences. 

The artist has been bragging and flaunting their son online yet he does nothing to support him. Lucy disclosed she was forced to ditch the artiste after it emerged he had failed to take care of her and their baby. 

To her, that was the beginning of her miseries as the star stopped sending upkeep and would only send very little when pushed harder. ”He stopped supporting his baby after I left his house. I left because he had failed in taking care of us. He was not responsible,” Lucy said. 

Lucy said she is not happy seeing the musician parading the baby online and thumping his chest yet there was nothing he was doing to help his son. The lass, who has moved on to the next one with a new man added her new bae, who takes care of her son, does not approve of Vicmass move to brag about the baby. 

Lucy ordered the musician to stop posting photos of her son online stating he has no right since he is not contributing to his upbringing in any way. ”My new man is not happy with him sharing my son’s photos. The man is taking care of us and has taken my son King as his own. He(Vicmass) should not brag wit our son yet he is not sending upkeep,” Lucy said. 


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