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Deputy President William Ruto is ready to take over the troubled Jubilee Party and  146 lawmakers from both Senate and Parliament are on his side. 

Ruto, according to people close to him, wants the party to call the National Executive Committee meeting to draw up a calendar for party elections.

The DP’s camp wants to elect people who will support his agenda within the party as they prepare to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

“70%-146 elected Jubilee MPs – Senate and National Assembly have rejected the fraudulent and illegal attempted changes by heartless gangsters taking advantage of the Covid-19 when Kenyans are anxious about their health and survival. They aren’t President Uhuru’s men; they are crooks,” said Ruto in a tweet on Tuesday night.

The DP’s allies also want President Uhuru Kenyatta to call regular Parliamentary Group meetings for consensus on party positions.

They have faulted the current officials for failing to convene any party meetings.

“No party organ has met since the last election. We want the party leader to call an NEC meeting so that we can put the Jubilee house in order,” Jubilee deputy secretary general Caleb Kositany said. 

Kenyatta’s MP in Gatundu Moses Kuria who has become a key supporter of Ruto vowed to stay in Jubilee “till death do us part”.

“Tuko Kwa Jubilee mpaka tuchimbwe kwa kaburi (we’re in Jubilee till death),” Kuria told the Star Wednesday

In their fight against the Party changes, Ruto’s team is planning to file another petition at the Political Parties Tribunal in case they don’t get a favourable ruling from the Registrar of Political Parties. 


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