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Diamond Platnumz has become the talk of town after deciding to do the unthinkable during International Women’s Day which fell on March 8. The father of four who celebrated his baby mamas and exes was asked by a daring fan to get an equally strong-willed woman pregnant to prove he is a real man. 

Guess who the strong-willed woman is? None other than the president of single mothers Akothee aka Esther Akoth. The mother of five shared a screenshot of the fan’s comment on her social media and asked her followers to leave her in peace as she was trying to mind her own business. 

Lol, the Muje singer even said if such a thing was to happen, her life would immediately turn into a global war because she is feisty and not the one to be messed with. For now, the single mum wants to be left alone to deal with her old mzungu baby daddies in peace as she is not ready to get her heart broken. 


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