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Ten people were on Monday arrested in Nairobi over suspicion that a clinic, for which they worked, was selling fake coronavirus testing kits for Sh3,000.

The ten who are employees of the Avane Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa in Nairobi were nabbed in a multi-agency raid after an advertisement claiming that the facility sold the said kits went viral on social media.

In the advertisement, the spa was offering old coronavirus testing kits for sh600 apiece and even provided a till number through which payment for the kits could be channelled.

“Only 400 remaining from 1,000 Unit Stock,” the advertisement read in part.

They recorded their statements at the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dental Council (KMPDC) offices as detectives tried to establish the details of the advertisement. The doctor in charge of the facility was also summoned to record a statement the KMPDC.

“They say that they are left with 400. We want to know to whom the other 600 were sold,” said Daniel Yumbwa, the KMPDC Chief Executive Officer.

When contacted by the KMPDC, the spa did not disown the advertisement but claimed that they were yet to order the said kits. A swoop by the multi-agency team also failed to recover any kits.


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