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Singer Akothee has taken it upon herself to educate women on single motherhood.

The Akothee Safaris CEO recently took to her Instagram to plead with women to wait until they find the right man before getting pregnant so as to avoid ending up with deadbeat partners. ‘The president of single mothers,’ as she prides herself asked women to take charge of their lives and not blame men for their failure.

“Never blame a man for ruining your life. Your life is in your hands and the power is in between your legs, engage your brain and disconnect your heart for now and think straight. A man can impregnate up to 100 women in a year, but 100 women can only get pregnant once a year! So as a woman, having a child is basically your choice, in this age and era, there is no accident in getting pregnant!

“If so, all slay queens including me, would be pregnant by now, just imagine if all the men I dated convinced me to have a child for them. After Oyoo I would end up with a whole nursery school…” she wrote.


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