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Donald Trump said Americans were praying for the health of Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister was admitted to intensive care.

The US President spoke at the White House as he held a daily press briefing on the coronavirus crisis.

“I want to send best wishes to a very good friend of mine, a friend to our nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We were very saddened to hear that he was taken into intensive care this afternoon,” the president said.

“Americans are all praying for his recovery. He’s been a really good friend. He’s been really something very special – strong, resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up.”

Trump said he asked “genius” drug companies to “contact London” immediately after news of the PM’s condition emerged.

“We’ll see if we can be of help…we’ve contacted all of Boris’s doctors, and we’ll see what is going to take place,” Mr Trump said.

“When you’re brought into intensive care, it gets very, very serious,” he added.

Johnson was moved to the ICU at St. Thomas’s hospital at around 7pm after experiencing breathing difficulties which required him to be given oxygen.


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