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Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju is expected to fully recover in two months’ time, according to his doctors.

Mr Tuju, who made his first public appearance yesterday since his return from the United Kingdom, where had been flown to seek treatment, is now able to walk without assistance.

He was injured in an accident on February 12, while on his way to attend the burial of retired president Daniel Moi in Kabarak.

Tuju was taken to Kijabe Hospital for first aid before he was airlifted to Karen Hospital in Nairobi for further medication.

He was flown to the UK on February 20, in the company of doctors and close family members.

The Jubilee leader is currently receiving physiotherapy treatment at Karen Hospital after jetting back to the country on Saturday aboard a KQ flight.

Premanand Promoth, the head surgeon at Karen Hospital, yesterday said Tuju’s ribs would be healed within the next eight to 12 months.

“Any bone that breaks is expected to heal within eight to 12 months so I think that’s what it is. Tuju is, however, functional. The only thing he’s not allowed to do is lift or do anything bending down,” said Dr Promoth.


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