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Diamond Platnumz’s manager Sallam Sharaff has given an update on his health, hardly a week after announcing he had contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sallam assured his fans that he was in good condition after medication and will be taking another test to show if he is free of the virus. He also took the opportunity to thank the doctors who tended to him and ensured his health was restored.

“Naendelea vizuri zimebakia siku chache kuweza kuchukua vipimo tena kuona kama nipo negative au positive. Nashukuru kwa dua zenu wote asanteni sana. Na pia niwashukru madaktari wote waliopo bega kwa bega na sisi tuliopo kwenye kituo, ” he said.

On March 19, the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) bigwig announced that he had tested for COVID-19 and the results came back positive. He urged netizens to be vigilant and adhere to government directives.

At the time of the test results, Sallam, Diamond and other WCB team members had travelled to Europe for the singer’s tour that was later cancelled. Sallam’s positive test results warranted a compulsory self-quarantine for the team to ensure their safety and those of others.

The Bongo superstar refused to discuss Sallam’s condition, terming it as office matters that he’d rather not get into. Through an interactive session on his Instagram page, the father of four blatantly said that he was not in-charge of addressing rumours being peddled on social media about his management and if anything, his office would have addressed the situation through the right channels. He however confirmed that he was in the company of Sallam during in Europe.


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