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Chaos marked the first day of a containment order banning the movement of people in and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan as those unable to gain access to the city resorted to circumventing the roadblocks, putting a serious dent on the move’s objective.

With roadblocks placed at all the major entries into the city, some people opted to trek through bushes or use other routes and then rejoin the roads a few kilometres away. Public service vehicles, which found themselves disadvantaged as they could not go past the barriers, easily adopted by creating makeshift bus stops.

There was also the question on where the actual borders of the Nairobi Metropolitan area are located. 

Pressure of finding housing within the city has over the years forced residents to rent or construct their own houses in satellite towns then commute to work every day.

Created in 2008, the Nairobi Metropolitan area covers 32,000 square kilometres including Kiambu, Limuru, Mavoko, Ruiru, Tala, Kajiado and Thika towns.

In guidelines issued by the Interior ministry, roadblocks are currently in place at Kamulu on Kangundo road, Small World and Katani (Mombasa road), Isinya (Nairobi-Namanga road), Kiserian and Ngong.

Other roadblocks are at Landless (Thika-Garissa highway), Blue Post Hotel (Thika Road), Uplands, Mutarakwa and Tinganga in Kiambu County. All vehicles carrying cargo have been exempted from the containment order but shall not travel at night unless they are transporting food.


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