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HAEMOGLOBIN §   Red O2 Binding pigment in RBCs Globular protein MW 65000 4 Subunits 1SU Heme + Polypeptide Chain Heme vFe Containing vPorphyrin derivative (moiety,


How to send money from Mpesa to Stanbic bank account

Here is a complete guide on how to transfer money from your Mpesa directly to your Stanbic bank account within minutes: Go to M-Pesa menu


How to apply for Afrika Loan

AfrikaLoan is one of the mobile apps in Kenya that offer instant loans without necessarily asking for any security. AfrikaLoan offers its customers loans ranging


How to pay Tala loan via Mpesa

You can simply pay your Tala loan using Mpesa and all you will need is an account number (which is the phone number you used


Why did Mkopo Rahisi rebrand to Tala

In order to stay above and beat competition, a business has to adapt to new economic changes in order to attract more customers. Mkopo Rahisi


Mobile apps that provide pay utility option

You can make payments using some of the mobile apps such as: Ayes The app allows you to pay for GOTV, DSTV, KPLC (both prepaid


Nick Mwendwa: We may delay talks with FIFA due to COVID-19

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa on Thursday suggested the planned talks between his team, the government, Sports Disputes Tribunal representatives , Fifa and