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How to apply for Uwezo Fund government Loan

Requirements  Groups Registered with Cooperatives, the department of social services, or the Registrar of Societies All members should be aged between 18 and 35 years 


How to Apply for Constituency based loans from the Youth Enterprise Fund

Constituency based loans are meant to support young people to start business activities at their constituencies. The YEFD loan options include Rusha loan, Inua loan,


How to Apply for Vuka Loan from Youth Enterprise Fund

Vuka loan is available for any youth who would like capital to start or expand their business. There are three types of Vuka loans; the


How to Get Fuliza Loan

Fuliza loans help M-pesa users to complete M-pesa transactions when they have insufficient funds with Fuliza M-pesa works like a bank overdraft and and you


How to Apply for KCB corporate card

Apart from the basic card options such as the credit cards and the prepaid cards, the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) offers the corporate card. The