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Top mobile loan lenders in Kenya

A recent statistics carried out by Kenya Credit Bureaus has revealed that over 20 million Kenyans are mobile loan borrowers. Getting personal loans online in


PesaLink Charges

PesaLink is an interbank money transfer solution that enables one to receive funds from other banks directly into their Bank Account in real-time. Let’s take


List of top sources of loans for Kenya

The rate of joblessness and the biting economy in Kenya is very alarming. This leaves many Kenyans opting for loans to enable them to beat


List of foreign exchange bureaus in Kenya

Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency for another or the conversion of one currency into another currency. Below is a list of foreign


List of best SACCOs to join in Kenya

The word SACCO means Savings and Credit Co-Operative Organizations, and it intends to bring likeminded individuals with the same financial and social background. Many Kenyans


Functions of the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya

Insurance Regulatory Authority is a government agency that is mandated with the responsibility of supervising, regulating and guiding the development of any insurance agency in


Financial institutions that offer loans to farmers in Kenya

Farmers seek loans to enable them to acquire high breed livestock and farming materials so that they can keep up with the growing competition from


How to send money from Mpesa to Family bank account

Family bank is one of the banks that have been around for a good number of years. This bank offers various financial services and thanks


List of GT bank Kenya branches and contacts

The Guaranty Trust (GT) bank has a total of 9 branches across the country. Below is a list of all the branches and their contacts:


List of gulf African bank branches and contacts in Kenya

Gulf African Head OfficeContacts: 020-2740000/ 020-2718608 Parklands BranchContacts: 020- 2408400/ 020-2434000 Westlands BranchContacts: 020-2408400  Eastleigh Mall BranchContacts: 020 2332226 Eastleigh Shariff Centre BranchContacts: 020 2408698