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Uproar over video of schoolgirls’ fumigation against Covid-19

A video clip showing schoolgirls being fumigated as they reported back to school on Monday has sparked an uproar among Kenyans. The clip, shared on


Kenyan Universities seeking for more fees from students

University students in public institutions will pay more to get an education should a proposal by vice chancellors to increase current fees threefold is passed


Why Uhuru played it safe on reopening of schools

Inadequate measures to protect learners from Covid-19, the possibility of another closure were things to go wrong and a potential backlash from parents reportedly informed


School timetable: Candidates report back on October 5

The October reopening of schools will be in phases, ending six months of closure occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. In its final proposal to Cabinet


Crash training for teachers to be rolled out next week

Teachers will undergo a crash training on handling Covid-19 from next week when they report to school after six months, the Ministry of Education has


Schools might reopen before end of year – Magoha

Universities and colleges have been cleared to recall students for on-campus learning as the government also considers reopening schools this year.  Education Cabinet Secretary George


Parents are opposed to the plan by GoK to reopen schools

Parents and teachers are questioning the government’s plan to partially reopen schools to let candidates prepare for national examinations, yet some of the institutions have


Learning continues as normal at Mt Kenya University

For Mount Kenya University (MKU) students, learning did not stop after the suspension of face-to-face teaching nationwide by the government as a measure against Covid-19.


MPs dash hopes to hire 25,000 more teachers

The push to have more teachers hired to support the 100 per cent transition has suffered a blow after MPs failed to increase the Teachers


Universities turn to online teaching in face of virus threat Universities turn to online teaching in face of virus threat

Universities are turning to online teaching to ensure that students complete their studies as scheduled after face-to-face lessons were suspended following cases of coronavirus in