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Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy is probably more successful than most of you all right now. One, she has collaborated with some of the most famous artists such as Wizkid and Beyonce. Well, putting aside the fact that Beyonce is her mother. Two, she is already an award-winning artist.

The eight-year-old made her mother go home with six awards. She received the award for the outstanding duo/group award together with her mother Beyonce, Wizkid, Saint john.

We may say that she is as talented as her mother and success comes easy for her, she was born into it.

Beyonce had once opened up to her fans about her miscarriages and how they had made her mother herself first. To Beyonce, Blue Ivy is basically a blessing.

Who is to say that Blue Ivy is not that legacy. If she has started winning awards at the age of eight, what will she be when she gets older?

Blue Ivy just puts more pressure on you when it comes to being successful.


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