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Kenyans hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic will be exempted from paying rent, servicing bank loans and their utility bills shall be waived, a Bill before the Senate proposes. 

The Pandemic Response and Management Bill, 2020, also proposes that Kenyans should not be laid off or coerced to take pay cuts by their employers. And those doing businesses will not be mandated to pay for trade licences and land rates. 

The Senate Bill sponsored by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, who is the chairman of the Senate special committee on Covid-19, also seeks to provide measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and provide a mechanism to cushion those that may be adversely affected.

“The principal object of this Bill is to provide a framework for the effective response to and management of a pandemic in order to prevent the occurrence or spread of a pandemic whenever it arises,” said Sakaja.

The Bill also provides that tenants who may not be able to meet their contractual obligations, shall give notice, in writing, to their landlords or contracting party that they are not able to pay rent because of the pandemic.

“Upon receipt of a notice, the contracting parties shall enter into an agreement on how the tenant shall meet their obligation at the end of the pandemic,” the Bill reads in part.


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