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Before approaching a bank for a financial form you have to consider a few factors. The most important factor is reading the terms and conditions not forgetting the loan repayment period, cost percentage and interest rates. The same factors apply when looking for a mortgage loan.    

The following are some of Kenyan Banks that provide mortgage and what they charge as annual interest rates.

  1. Standard Chartered Bank 12.2%
  2. Citibank Kenya 12.5%
  3. Commercial Bank of Kenya 12.9%
  4. KCB Bank 13.3%
  5. NIC Bank Kenya 13.4%
  6. CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya 14.1%
  7. Barclays Bank of Kenya 14.4%
  8. Co-operative Bank 14.9%
  9. Consolidated Bank 15.1%

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