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A huge debt Nairobi county Assembly owes a Dubai-based legal firm has come back to haunt ward representatives at City Hall. A report read by speaker Beatrice Elachi to the House indicated the debt of KSh 2.35 million accrued due to frequent trips the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) made to the United Arab Emirates. 

In the letter, Birmingham Leadership Development Centre wrote to the ward representatives seeking payment of the unsettled legal fees allegedly incurred in 2019. Following the revelation, Elachi called for a stop to trips to the UAE pending investigation and determination of the matter.

 “Members are advised to cease any official travel or otherwise to the United Arab Emirates or transit as the Assembly service board addresses the matter,” Elachi added.

The letter dated February 8, was received from Abdullah Mohammed Rasoul Ali Alharmoodi Advocates & Legal Consultants on behalf of Dubai courts, courtesy of a court ruling made in favor of the complainant. 

City Hall buildings in Nairobi. The Nairobi County Assembly has a debt of KSh 2.35 million. Photo: The Star. Source: Depositphotos “Honourable members, in the letter by lawyer Abdullah Bin Hatem, under instructions of his client and plaintiff, is claiming an outstanding legal and court fees amounting to USD 23,500 which was arrived vide Dubai court judgment No. 656/2019 and 1952 of 2019,” Elachi read. 

It was established from the letter that, the suit whose outcome favored the complainant, came as a result of Jacob Ngwele failing to pay the owed amount without citing convincing reasons for the flout. In his response, Ngwele who is at loggerheads with the Assembly after he was thrown out of office said the case came about as a result of a trip seven MCAs took to Dubai in June 2018. 


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