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Andrew Kibe is that guy who hides his emotions but this time, the weekend reminded him of a sad day.

He lost his sister in 2012 but he says he is a different kind of guy when it comes to mourning the dead. He did not grieve his sister’s death. Kibe did not even shed a tear.

“The day before yesterday was my late sister’s birthday and I just realized I have no feeling or emotion towards thus. The day she died we were not in good terms. She passed on in 2012. I do not know why I never felt that heavy grief. I did not even cry.” Kibe shared

He then added that the lesson he wanted Kamene to learn was that everyone has their own way of grieving and no one should feel like they need to act like everyone else.

“So what I want you to know, you do not have to grief because everyone is grieving. You can move faster than others.” He added

Kamene and Kibe agreed to one thing that sometimes family drama can be so much the fights become deep especially when one dies. Family members are brought together by the late’s property. This is when everyone is fighting to own something.


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