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A month after Serie A last saw a ball kicked football-mad Italy is torn over whether to return to action or scrap the season as the coronavirus crisis continues to keep the nation on lockdown.

Endless dates have been proposed from May, through to September and October, all depending “on when health conditions allow”.

The Mediterranean country has been under siege since the Covid-19 disease took a grip on February 22, and no Serie A matches have been played March 9.

In the midst of the health crisis which has claimed the lives of nearly 18,000 people, Italy’s top clubs have been at loggerheads over when is best to resume this season, if ever.

The Lombardy region – home to Inter Milan and AC Milan – has recorded 9,722 deaths while the neighbouring Piedmont, the home region of champions Juventus has also been hard hit.

Among the most vocal supporters of the season being scrapped are clubs located in the northern regions, such as Brescia and Torino.

Brescia president Massimo Cellino warned last week his club, who are at the epicentre of Italy’s outbreak, were ready to forfeit their matches if the season resumes, saying that “returning to play is pure madness”.

Brescia opted for a more conciliatory tone Wednesday, saying a statement: “The resumption of the championship is a possibility that the club would like to avoid while respecting the sad reality of Brescia.”


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