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NIC Bank debit card options

NIC bank is one of the licensed banks in the country and they offer several financial services including personal banking, corporate banking, institutional banking, online


Credit card options offered by I&M bank

I&M bank offers financial services such as personal banking, business banking, insurance, trade services, and foreign exchange. The bank also offers card options such as


List of authorized investment advisors in Kenya

Bora Capital LimitedContact: +254-20311724  I&M Burbidge Capital Limited                Contact: +254 732 100160 Citidell Company LimitedContact: 0728652015 Synesis Capital Limited               Contact: +254 798 335 477 Co-op


List of Kenyan mobile banking apps

Mobile banking has become a trend in Kenya and almost all banks in Kenya have adopted a mobile banking app. Mobile banking has become a


List of Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation Members

The Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation was formed to insure deposits in the financial and banking sector.  KDIC Board of Directors The KDIC is headed by


Credit card options offered by Commercial Bank of Africa

CBA is one of the largest banks in the country and they offer various financial services among them being card solutions. Here is a list


Credit card options offered by national bank of Kenya

The National Bank of Kenya gives its financial services to all the major sectors of Kenyan economy. Apart from the regular financial services they also


How to apply for the HELB student Smart Card

Requirements For you to apply for the HELB Smart card you have to meet the following requirements: A duly signed agreement between the university and


Pesalink charges of various banks

ABC                                  CHARGES (KSHS)10 -500          


List of app permissions requested by mobile banking apps

Privacy issues have become so common in relation to apps. Most apps will request for access permission before you actually install them. This is not

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